Colour Grab Rails

*Please note all colours shown are rough guides only, the colours will display differently on different monitors and printers.

RAL1004 Dark Golden Yellow  
RAL1007 Chrome Yellow  
RAL1018 Zinc Yellow  
RAL1021 Cadmium Yellow  
RAL1023 Traffic Yellow  
RAL3000 Flame Red  
RAL3001 Signal Red  
RAL3003 Ruby Red  
RAL3005 Wine Red  
RAL3007 Black Red  
RAL3020 Traffic Red  
RAL4003 Heather Violet Red  
RAL5002 Ultramarine Blue  
RAL5003 Sapphire Blue  
RAL5005 Signal Blue  
RAL5010 Gentian Blue  
RAL5011 Steel Blue  
RAL5013 Cobalt Blue  
RAL5014 Pigeon Blue  
RAL5015 Middle Sky Blue  
RAL5017 Traffic Blue  
RAL5021 Water Blue  
RAL6001 Emerald Green  
RAL6002 Leaf Green  
RAL6005 British Racing Green  
RAL6009 Fir Green  
RAL6012 Black Green  
RAL6016 Turquoise Green  
RAL6018 Yellow Green  
RAL6019 Pastel Green  
RAL6020 Chrome Green  
RAL6034 Pale Turquoise Green  
RAL7001 Silver Grey  
RAL7004 Signal Grey  
RAL7005 Mouse Grey  
RAL7012 Basalt Grey  
RAL7015 Slate Grey  
RAL7016 Anthracite Grey  
RAL7022 Umber Grey  
RAL7024 Graphite Grey  
RAL7031 Blue Grey  
RAL7035 Pale Grey  
RAL7035 Agate Grey  
RAL7042 Traffic A Grey  
RAL7043 Traffic B Grey  
RAL8016 Mahogany Brown  
RAL8017 Chocolate Brown  
RAL9004 Signal Brown  
RAL9005 Jet Black  
RAL9011 Graphite Black  
RAL9016 Traffic White  
RAL9017 Traffic Black  




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